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Canine Communication

Calming Signals in dogs

The Calming Signals workshop is a short workshop that focuses on the universal language of dog communication called Calming Signals.


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Canine Essential 101

In this workshop, you will learn to identify the root cause of several behaviours of your dog and how to reassure your dog, set boundaries gently, facilitate socialization, improve your dog's lifestyle as well as stress-free leash handling.


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(Accredited advanced diploma in canine behaviour & ethology)

This is our rigorous canine behaviour diploma that empowers you with all the education, coaching, practice, support and preparation you will need to kickstart your career of working with dogs.


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Affiliate Courses

We are associated with some of the best schools across the globe. They have some interesting courses that we would like to recommend to you.

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Dog Parents

We have two excellent workshops for pet parents. Canine Communication is a very short workshop that introduces you to the fascinating world of calming signals, the hidden language of dogs. Canine Essential 101 is a primer that teaches you everything you need for basic dog care at home or to care for your streeties.


BACBED is our globally recognised, accredited England Level 4 diploma, designed to equip professionals with everything you will need to work with dogs. Students will benefit from our international community of learners and network of highly accomplished professionals. Canine Essential 101 is a prerequisite for BACBED.

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