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 “Soon after starting the CE101 course, I got my first dog, Sandi. I had been a dog walker for years at this point, and felt quite confident with my abilities to handle many different situations. Sandi is a rescue with an unfortunate history and very soon I felt I was in over my head with her. After the first two classes with Sindhoor, my world was blown open.

I realized that in most situations where I was managing dog to dog and dog to human interactions, I was the one creating all the problems! After being introduced to videos of the Streeties of Bangalore, my understanding of dog behaviour really changed. I learned through the streeties that dogs are always trying to avoid conflict and when issues come up, it is because we have not understood what they have told us.

After using some of the basic skills I learned in 101 with Sandi, such as using the hand signal, and seeing our relationship blossom, I decided to start my journey in the diploma program. It will be my life’s work to continue to learn and explore with dogs. The knowledge that I have gotten from Sindhoor and these courses has guided me on my journey and has completely evolved the way I have relationships with animals.

I am proud to be on this path and grateful for each dog I meet, because in the end, they are the best teachers as long as we listen. If you are wanting to understand your dog, take the 101 course, your dog will thank you!”

“I began my journey to become a canine behaviour professional in 2018 when I attended BHARCS Canine Essential 101 taught by Sindhoor Pangal. I was introduced to an amazing school of thought helmed by Turid Rugaas where the emphasis was on showing empathy and compassion to our dogs. It was important to understand that they are sentient beings, just like us humans, and have a complex emotional spectrum. This is what sold me to the ethos and approach of BHARCS.

In April 2019, I started my Canine Behaviour and Ethology diploma (BACBED) from BHARCS and 19 months later, I am now a certified Canine Behaviour Consultant and started my consulting journey with Dog Pawmise.

I have to credit this life of mine to my two dogs, Sammy and Zoey, who were the reason I began learning more about dogs. They have stood by me, have been patient through my mistakes and they truly are my teachers.”

I joined BHARCS around the time we were thinking of adopting our second dog. After a fostering experience, I realised there is so much I didn’t know about living in a multi dog household and I wanted to be prepared for that transition. I didn’t want to learn how to train my dogs – I wanted to learn how I can lovingly co exist with them in a way that brings out the best in both of us. And BHARCS was the only school where I found resonance in that philosophy. Obviously it has given me much more than what I signed up for – it has given me a language and the necessary tools that not only helps me communicate with them but also advocate for them in every way possible.

Obedience training and doing tricks has never been my cup of tea. I’ve been looking for an online course on canine behaviour for quite some time when I came across a podcast where Sindhoor was a guest. She mentioned that BHARCS offers courses for both dog parents and professionals. The way she talked, you could really feel her love for dogs. First I signed up for the Canine Essential 101 and then also for the BACBED diploma. This has been the best decision I ever made in my life. Both courses opened my eyes to who our dogs are, how they function, and how can I be there for them. It has totally flipped my perception of dogs and tremendously improved the relationship with my own dog. BHARCS approach to canine behaviour is truly unique in the way that it turns to dogs for answers. It’s a place where empathy and scientific research walk hand in hand

I have been following Sindhor on social media for a few years now, when I came across her video which spoke about her 2 day workshop in Bangalore, Canine Essential 101.

What piqued my interest was that she said that on attending this workshop, I would learn how to communicate with my then 1 year old dog, Whiskey and identify the 7 different barks that dogs have. I remember how I excitedly turned towards my partner and said, “So if I do this, I can differentiate between what Whiskey (my dog ) is saying to me, and I can learn how to talk to her by barking back. How awesome is that !”

When I completed the CE101 workshop, my world completely changed. I could not only understand what her barks mean, but I now had an insight on what other signs from her like lifting a paw, or yawning and licking meant as well.

I had so many questions in my mind, and everything seemed so well explained and simple to me. BHARCS was the only school that I had come across (and believe me I had looked A LOT) whose philosophy I could relate to.

3 years later, I am pursuing my canine behaviour Diploma BACBED, and I have to say, I keep learning a plethora of stuff that excites me and nurtures the relationship with my girl, every single day.

In 2017 when we brought Micah home, Anant and I were first time dog parents. Yes, I had been feeding street dogs and I had been taking care of them for years but that did not qualify my knowledge of understanding dogs. We were very keen on raising the most intelligent girl through trick training that I picked up from Youtube videos. I was like at a competition spree with myself on wanting to teach her a new trick every two days. There were days when I used to wake her up from sleep just so her brain remained active because that is what I read on the internet.

A year later we had Sniper join our family and things were slightly getting cold between them. I was unable to understand why certain behaviors were popping up and how to address them. Heard about Sindhoor from a friend and joined her 101 class. That’s where it all began. Our lives have changed a lot since then, including dealing with streeties. We did zero training to Micah and Sniper for this, rather trained ourselves to make BHARCS way our second nature. It doesn’t take much to be kind and compassionate, does it? Well that’s what we did. We learnt a lot through our babies and our streeties because we could understand them better. Fostering and rescuing got a lot better for us because we could read them much more than we did earlier. I remember being stressed all the time, which indeed mirrored onto both Micah Sniper and also my personal life. Slowly as things got better Anant and I could feel how calm and peaceful we got around our kids and other dogs. Infact when we glanced at our older videos we saw how amazing Micah and Sniper already were with each other but it was our unnecessary intervention that got them to be cold. BHARCS is not just a school for me, BHARCS is a lifestyle.

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