Welcome your dog’s love with open arms

We are often told that should ignore our dogs when we come through the door. Apparently this has something to do with teaching them to calm down. But how does this impact the dog? We are the center of our dogs’ universe. We are their all!

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Featured in NatGeo

We are proud to announce that Sindhoor, the director of BHARCS was recently featured in a National Geographic bookazine called “The Genius of Dogs”. The

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How dogs learn to cope

Our observation on free ranging dogs tell us that that dogs don’t have to taught how to cope with fear and do they need external motivation to do so. How and why do dogs cope with fear.

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Seeking consent of a dog

Don’t all individuals deserve a certain autonomy over their own body. Dogs are often touched without consent and if that resulted in the dog expressing displeasure, the dog is the one that almost always pays the price

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