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Dog parents

Dogs are perfect companions who help us slow down and appreciate the smaller things in life. But, it’s hard to build a peaceful relationship when there is miscommunication that leads to excessive barking, nipping, destruction, chewing and biting. We help you change that so you and your dog can bond for life.


If you’re looking to pursue your dream career of working with dogs or are a canine professional looking to upgrade your knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. You can get a globally recognized and accredited diploma in canine behaviour and ethology at BHARCS. Learn with students from all over the world!

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Courses & Workshops

The BHARCS approach to dog behaviour is through cutting-edge scientific research and empathy. Our courses & workshops are designed to aid your learning even if you’re absolutely new to this world of learning to learn from dogs. Whether you are a pet parent trying to understand your own dog, a rescuer or professional looking to learn better dog handling or an aspiring behaviour consultant or researcher, we have something for you.

Canine Communication

Calming Signals in dogs: Insight into the visual language of dogs.

Dog communication is rich, nuanced and is far more than just barks and howls. In this short workshop , you will learn about Calming Signals, the hidden language of dogs.

Canine Essential 101

A foundation workshop for dog parents and professionals.

An online interactive weekend workshop on mindful pet parenting, backed by cutting-edge animal behaviour science & access to a knowledgeable & supportive pet parent community.

BACBED Diploma

Advanced diploma on canine behaviour & ethology.

BACBED is an online-enabled, accredited England Level 4 Diploma that provides you all the education and support you will need to launch your career of working with dogs.

Global footprint

We currently have students in 10 countries and 33 cities across the globe.


Featured in NatGeo

We are proud to announce that Sindhoor, the director of BHARCS was recently featured in a National Geographic bookazine called “The Genius of Dogs”. The

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Decoding Your Dog's Behaviour

Based on behavioural and ethological research, Sindhoor Pangal uses engaging anecdotes to delve into the ancient, deep and often magical bond that dogs and humans share. Dog Knows is a book that any dog lover will want to have on their shelves.

Student Testimonials

Read more student journeys and find a senior student to chat with.

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