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We are so proud to announce our latest affiliate – Galen Myotherapy, in the UK. As part of our affiliation, the first offering we bring to you is their foundation course as well as a private one-on-one online support for your pet.


Galen Myotherapy distance support

Their expert team will provide you with 1:1 support through their Distance Support Programme, giving you a detailed analysis of your dog and expert advice on how to implement changes to your dog’s activities, environment and how to effectively apply two massage techniques to best support your dog’s muscular health.

Galen Myotherapy Foundation course

Plus sign up to the highly acclaimed Galen Myotherapy Foundation course to learn about how your dog’s body works. The unique online course will give you so much information in how to assess your own dog’s comfort, allow you to gain an understanding of your dog’s movement and functional anatomy, and to learn some of the basic skills which will help to improve your dog’s health using the principles of Galen Myotherapy and massage techniques.


I was completely bowled over by the amount of incredible information that the course gave me. I really thought I knew about dogs but this informed me so many useful and totally fascinating facts about anatomy and how the environment can have impacts on their body. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who has a dog!

David, West Sussex

Get an exclusive 10% discount through us by using this code: BHARC10

To enrol, go to galenmyotherapy.co.uk/bundleoffer and enter the code at the checkout.

Galen Myotherapy Diploma

The Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma is a Level 3 externally accredited course through the Laser Learning Awards. This course has been successfully running for over 10 years, and was the first externally accredited course specialising in Canine Myotherapy / Canine Massage.

Galen provides this course to students across India and surrounding areas through their partnership with BHARCS.

Galen has four versions of the diploma course ranging from the full course for those with no prior experience in canine physiology to CPD for Vets. The course is structured into theory and practical sessions and students can sign on to the course at any time.

The courses are tailored specifically to the foundation knowledge of the learner but all of them will lead the student to being a fully trained Galen Canine Myotherapist. This allows them to support dogs that they own or already work with, or to embark on an exciting new career as a Galen Canine Myotherapist with the backing and support or the most established training school in the world.

To know more, go to : galenmyotherapyindia.com/diploma


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