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Canine Essential 101

This workshop introduces you to the BHARCS way, a mindful pet parenting method, backed by cutting edge science. We rely on biosociopsychology and ethology to understand the behaviour of dogs. When working with dogs, we recognise the dog as a sentient individual, deserving of choices, autonomy and respect. We work with empathy and compassion. 

Our goal is to equip you with a better understanding of your dog’s body and mind and so you can better communicate with the dog to achieve harmony in the dog and the family.

A foundation workshop for dog parents and professionals.

CE101 is a completely online interactive workshop that equips you with the knowledge to understand common dog behaviours like nipping, jumping, barking, biting, depression, anxiety, unusual toileting, destruction and chewing. The class also gives you key skills to address common concerns using just body language and lifestyle modifications. No yelling, scolding or training is required.

By the end of this class, you should not only be able to identify the root cause of several behaviours of your dog but also fine-tune the lifestyle of the dog for optimal physical and emotional health.

This workshop touches upon:

  • Calming Signals
  • Polite/safe meet and greet with dogs
  • Dominance myth and social structure of dogs
  • Physiology of stress 
  • Optimal lifestyle for companion dogs
  • Understanding fear and reassuring dogs
  • Impact of punishments & aversive tools on dogs
  • Respectful boundary setting
  • Ergonomic equipment
  • Outdoor management & stress-free leash handling

Who is this course for?

It is perfect for pet parents who want a complete foundation for pet care. It is also mandatory for professionals who would like to pursue further learning with us.

Designed to benefit the learner

The latest version of the CE101 combines pre-recorded lectures, demos with quizzes, assignments and the option for live Q&A sessions. You can go over the content at your own pace, use quizzes and assignments for practice and participate in live interactive sessions. We even support you after the workshop, as you put your learning into practice.

Optional live Q&A sessions

Didn’t quite get the lesson or have more questions? It happens to the best of us. You can opt for live Q&A sessions with Sindhoor, clear your doubts and engage in interesting discussions with other learners. Try out our lessons with your dogs and if you have stories to share or questions to ask, these sessions are perfect to do so.

Community support & continuous learning

As you work through your workshop, you'll have access to other learners. Once you complete it, you will have the option of joining our exclusive BHARCS learners community. This active group includes behaviour consultants, senior students, rescuers, nutritionists and other doting pet parents. Online education can be isolating. Ours is not. It brings us together.

You can sign up anytime and you'll get access to the learning modules immediately. The workshop consists of 20 hours of lectures and demos you can watch at your own pace. You'll have quizzes to help you retain ideas and optional assignments that help you put your learning into practice in a structured way. Learn at your own pace. Our learners' community will support you through it and you have the option of signing up for live Q&A sessions.

If you sign up for the live option, you'll get invited to 6 live Q&A sessions on Zoom. They happen thrice a month, typically over weekends and last 1.5 to 2 hours. Each live session will focus on specific topics. You will have to complete the lectures on these specific topics to attend the live sessions. You will have the option to repeat the sessions you missed.

We learn best when we learn with others. So, while you do the lectures at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, you will also be included in our WhatsApp group with other learners. It's a great platform to share your success stories and challenges. Once you complete this workshop, you will have the option of joining our exclusive, knowledgeable and ever-growing community of like-minded dog people. This group consists of various professionals and passionate pet parents who will support you through your journey.

Please note: For students who have completed the Canine Communication workshop on Udemy, we have a flat discount of Rs 2,000.

20 hours of self-paced learning
Option of 6 live sessions of 2 hours each
2 months access: You will have access to the learning portal for 2 months. Your learning account expires after 2 months, but you can request an extension at a nominal fee.

You will have access to the learning portal for 2 months. Your learning account expires after 2 months, but you can request an extension at a nominal fee of Rs. 300/-. You will get access for two more months each time. You can request extensions as many times as you want. If we significantly update the course content, you'll be invited to attend the new version free of cost.

CE101 Basic without Live session: Rs. 6,000/-
CE101 Live Plus with Live sessions: Rs. 10,000/-

Note: For students who have completed the Canine Communication workshop, we have a flat discount of Rs. 2,000.

CE101 Live Plus

(With live classes)

Rs. 10,000/-

CE101 Basic

(Without live classes)

Rs. 6,000/-

The BHARCS way

The BHARCS way is a radical new way of dealing with “undesired behaviours' in dogs. We do not rely on conventional training techniques.

We rely on two concepts: ethology and biosociopsychology, to identify the cause of the problem and address it. Simply put, that means we look at behaviours that are considered normal for dogs (ethogram) in the context of the brain chemistry of the dog, the physical health of the dog, the environment, social attachments and communication. We work on these parameters to influence the behaviour of dogs. It is a holistic approach that recognises that behaviour is a result of the mind, body, personality, environment, social contact and ethogram of the dog. So we do not offer bandaid solutions for specific behaviours, but view them in context and work on them holistically.

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