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Canine Communication

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Insight into the visual language of dogs

The Calming Signals workshop is a short workshop that focuses on the universal language of dog communication called Calming Signals. You will learn what these signals are, how to interpret them and use this knowledge to communicate better with your dog.

This workshop touches upon:

  • What are Calming Signals?
  • What are the different types of Calming Signals and what do they mean?
  • What to do if your dog exhibits Calming Signals?
  • A brief guide to vocalisations in dogs
  • 30 videos, 20+ quizzes, 15+ assignment suggestions

Who is this workshop for? All dog people:

  • Dog lovers
  • Dog Parents
  • Professionals if they’re looking to upskill with the latest scientific knowledge
  • Dog enthusiasts who want to learn more about dog communication

Skill level required:

This workshop can be taken by anyone. No prior experience with dog training is required.

However, you should be willing to learn the kinder way of dealing with dogs.

Start at the beginning

The ability to see and interpret calming signals is the most powerful tool in understanding dog behaviour and improving our relationship with them.

A bite-sized workshop

We picked the single most important topic in dog care and made it available to you in a concise format to fit in into your busy schedule.

Streetie focus

This Calming Signals workshop dives into the ethology of free-ranging dogs and how their natural history impacts communication.

You can sign up anytime and you'll get access to the learning modules immediately. The workshop consists of more than 3 hours of lectures and real-life footage of dogs using signals for communication. You'll have quizzes to help you retain ideas and assignment suggestions to help you with practical applications of this learning and to improve your observation skills. You can learn at your own pace.

3 Hours of self-paced learning. This workshop comes with 30 videos, 20+ quizzes, 15+ assignment suggestions that you can learn at your own pace.

Once you buy this workshop , you can come back to it anytime. The workshop and its contents come with full lifetime access. There are no deadlines to meet, just lots of learning to do!

Rs. 2000/-
Once you complete this workshop, collect your certificate and present it to us when you enroll for the Canine Essential 101 workshop to avail a discount.

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